How do I arrange to bring an animal in for processing?

Step 1: Call the locker at 309/537-3424. Schedule a date to bring your animal (s) in.

Step 2: Animals need to be delivered by 7:15 on the day they are scheduled to be slaughtered. Arrangements can be made ahead of time to bring certain animals the evening before being slaughtered.

Step 3: Unload the animal (s) at chute, and place in pen. There will be note cards for the customer to write name, type and number of animals, and which pen animal is located in. Please include phone number.

Step 4: Call or stop in the next day to give us instruction on how animal is to be split.
(example: who gets 1/2 beef, or 1/2 of 1/2 etc, or hogs)

Please Note: Beef hang 2 weeks before being cut and wrapped, but hogs are processed within 2 days. Beef cutting instructions should be given within 7 days of the slaughter date, and hog instructions should be given either prior to slaughter, or by the day of slaughter.



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